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About Us

Quantum BioTek has had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented and accomplished doctors, scientists and industry experts in numerous fields from some of the finest Australian and international researchers and academic institutions around the world Including Australian Government Departments.

More than a dozen different university labs and professional testing facilities have tested QuantumBioTek's technology. Over 500 full time researchers, scientists have tested and are standing behind the technology and its results, generated in thousands of tests completed during the last 40 years. Over $50 million dollars has been spent in research and development to bring the technology to where it is today. Furthermore, "in-field" results have proven QuantumBioTek's magnetic water restructuring technology to be to bring life to water and increase its productivity that has resulted in and are guaranteed to:

  • Minimum water saving of 10% and up to 30%
  • Saving of minimum 10% and up to 30% in fuel and electricity costs
  • Increase yields by 10% or more
  • Earlier harvest
  • Improve soil structure and remove toxic build up from soils
  • Increase dissolvability of nutrients and saving on fertiliser and chemical usage
  • Reduce scaling in irrigation pipes
  • Increase water flow for ease of irrigation

In addition, at the concentration employed by Quantum BioTek the technology is capable of successfully dealing with desalinisation of soils and problems relating to water salinity, Iron in water and have proven health benefits for human and animal consumption.