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Produce Farming

Magnetically treated water can be an excellent benefit to your produce growing operation. Magnetically treated water offers the small scale farmer all the benefits available to the large agribusiness.
Magnetically treated water can help you:
  • Save a significant amount of water
  • Improve water productivity
  • Increase yield produced per gallon of water used
  • Improve quality of produce
  • Increase shelf life
  • Enrich taste
  • Minimize the salinity effect and cleanse soil
  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Sustain the health of the environment.
All these results can be achieved by installing Omni Enviro's technology in your irrigation line. The technology placed along your water line helps to alter the structure of water molecules. Regular water molecules cluster without magnetization. Toxins and waste products build up causing molecule clusters to be much larger in size, increasing surface tension, increasing viscosity and limiting dissolvability and permeability of water. This results in poor water productivity as only a small percentage of water and nutrients applied are dissolved and made available for plants to take up at fine root zones. Magnetic treatment breaks up the molecules to smaller clusters allowing them to pass through plant capillaries more readily.

After magnetization, the molecules line up in sequence “+-+-“ resulting in reduced surface tension, reduced viscosity, increased dissolvability, increased permeability and increased oxygen content hence making nutrients more readily available to our body, plants and soils. Water is then said to be biologically “alive” and aids plants in healthier and more robust growth cycles.