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Cleaning Water Using Magnetic Technology

Our fresh water systems like rivers, lakes and springs have been significantly degraded over the last 100 years. Many years ago water from natural sources could be used for drinking, irrigation and everyday use. Today, fresh water sources have become so polluted by sewage and industrial waste that they are often considered as non-usable for residential purposes. Many projects have been initiated to tackle this enormous environmental challenge of cleaning our fresh water supplies, and many of these projects return positive results. Omni Enviro's use of magnetic technology to clean and give “life” to fresh water sources presents a very unusual method and can provide unusually positive results.
Based on knowledge accumulated over many years, scientists from our company have carried out scientific and practical work, which involves the magnetic treatment of natural water.
The most interesting work Omni Enviro has been involved in applying its magnetic technology systems are is:
  • Cleaning of rivers
  • Cleaning of lakes
  • Cleaning of salt water lagoons
  • Neutralizing hydrogen sulphide in parts of the Black Sea
  • Using magnetic generators to influence a change in the atmospheric electricity balance with further formation of rain clouds and rain.

Magnetic treatment of rivers

A hydro-magnetic system, the first of its kind, was made by the scientists at Omni Enviro and installed in the Sochi River near the Black Sea in western Russia. This system is a hydro-technical structure installed in the river and is described as "a running/flowing type" of magnetic water treatment plant.
Within a few hours of the hydro-magnetic system’s operation in the Sochi River, the scientists, as well as thousands of other people who had come to see this experiment, witnessed unique changes.
One change was that shoals of fish could be seen swimming from the direction of the sea towards the water that had flowed through the magnetic system. Because magnetic water coagulates particles floating in the water causing them to sink to the bottom, the water becomes much clearer with visibility improving markedly. Witnesses claim that there were so many fish in the river, it was impossible to see the bottom even though the depth of the river in that area is no more than 1.5 meters.
Widespread interest in the hydro-magnetic system in Sochi lead Omni Enviro to build a complex called a "Magnetic Quay" and located it on the banks of the river.
This complex includes a "Magnetic Coffee Shop", and a gallery exhibiting magnetic devices. Company representatives are always available at "Magnetic Quay" to explain to tourists the everyday use of magnetic technologies.

Laboratory results

Analysis of water that had passed through the hydro-magnetic system on the Sochi River showed that particles in the water were smaller than in un-magnetized water. The Russian scientists concluded that: "Under the influence of magnetic field, some particles split and formed smaller structures, while some dissolved."
Diameter of Particles in the Water of Selected Russian Rivers Before and After Magnetic Treatment